Sheesha.Finance How to claim & stake LGE tokens

Note: This applies only for LGE participants. Staking for normal liquidity providers on Pancakeswap is expected in 48 hours or so. Check back in Sheesha.Finance Telegram

If you are an LGE participant.

  1. Visit . Click “Binance Smart Chain”
Step 1

Step 2 : Click LGE(BNB)

PS: (Don’t click connect to wallet or any other button. none of it works)

Step 3: Make sure your metamask is connected to Binance Smart Chain with the wallet you used for LGE participation. Click on “Claim & Stake” button.

PS: don’t click anything else

Step 4: You will be prompted on metamask to sign a transaction. Be brave and pay the transaction fee and send it.

If all went well, you should receive the SHEESHA-LP token (BSC). Approximately 1.37 LP token for every BNB contributed.

In your metamask, you should see the contract interaction with

According to the team, this means the LP tokens have been claimed and is being staked. (Note; it wont reflect on UI/Dashboard yet)

Click on it and you can see the detail of the transaction

PS: I am not associated with Sheesha.Finance. Was equally lost and wanted to help out with whatever info I have. Official telegram is

If you want to tip me SHEESHA or BNB …. My address is 0x92a182FB52e4812c5eaC05Ec7A17b29FAe988677

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